Psy Phy

- psycho&psychedelic physics games -

- just play and relax -

Programming mini games with relaxing, creative, interesting and crazy physics.

It is such a combination of physics and the mental plane in the form of a game.

You can feel elements of esoterics and psychedelics.

Psychophysics is also a field of psychology studying the physiological aspects of mental phenomena and especially the quantitative relationships between the stimulus and the resulting feelings. Psychophysics is the exact science of the functional relationships between body and soul in an effort to capture the physical laws of the mental process. It focuses on the study of perceptions, which in its understanding are characterized by content, intensity and duration. The central theme of psychophysics is the problem of mind and body.

Psy Phy games do not seek to simulate or mimic the physics of Psychophysics, but to stimulate the player's soul with interesting physics and interactions with the environment. development.